This project was working with Kuti Co to assist with pre-packaged native ingredient pipis that could be sold through the Kuti Shack, as well as a potential export product.

The Orana Foundation developed a sauce and dry spice recipes from Indigenous ingredients which were added to the wild harvested pipis. The ingredients used to develop the recipes were native to Ngarrindjeri Country and available to be wild harvested in the future.

This first batch of dry spice which was used to launch the Kuti Shack was researched, developed, designed, produced, and supplied by The Orana Foundation at no cost to Kuti Co. Below are the main areas of achievement they have shared with The Orana Foundation.

Before any commercial objectives, it is of the utmost importance to Kuti Co that their products represent the story of their land, culture and people, that acknowledgement can take place. Gastronomy is a great way of doing this as consumers are looking for a product with purpose and heart.

Kuti Co are an Indigenous enterprise success story, with strong and dedicated leadership from Uncle Derek they have consistently increased their Indigenous employment, pippi quota, and tonnage of produce.