Extensive work was done on the varietal development of Geraldton Wax for flavour and aroma, optimum growing conditions assessed, and new crosses of Geraldton Wax were generated through embryo rescues and grow out trials.

This project sought to develop a new range of uniquely flavoured wax flower varieties, suitable for everyday culinary purposes, and to identify the desirable components using flavour and aroma profiling and sensory analysis.

Chemical and sensory analysis of the parental varieties were carried out using aroma profiling of samples by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, identifying over 340 different flavour compounds. Following this stage, a tasting session of the parental varieties, to compare to the chemical aroma profile with the sensory analysis, was completed and informed the embryo rescue and breeding program.

The research trials including embryo rescue and breeding program commenced in 2017, and concluded at the end of the project in 2019. Across this period, the research trials resulted in five new cross breeds being grown out that had excellent culinary flavour and aroma profiles.These plants have been relocated to the SARDI Plant Research Centre for ongoing maintenance and remain the property of The Orana Foundation, while all other cross breeds that were deemed not for culinary use have been gifted to the native garden at Urrbrae House Adelaide for ongoing maintenance.

The project also developed a commercialisation pathway document which outlines three different approaches including costings and timelines for the next development steps leading towards the commercialisation of the five cross breeds of Geraldton Wax.