Jock Zonfrillo: The Force of Food

Scottish born Jock Zonfrillo is one of the people helping to define Australian cuisine.

Working from his Orana restaurant in Adelaide, the curious chef has helped to research and unearth native ingredients that have been largely forgotten in culinary circles, unless you look at the indigenous populations of Australia.

Speaking at the recent Food on The Edge symposium in Galway, Ireland, Zonfrillo offered up his own motivations on why he has dedicated much of his work to highlight the food traditions of the indigenous natives living in the country.

The chef discusses how he discovered a very deep connection between indigenous people and food with just one quick conversation, and how he then decided, with the help of a new foundation, to research and understand the culture of Australia with the aim of bringing back some of the pride that can be associated with the wonderful food on offer across the culture.

It’s not an easy story to tell, and perhaps the fact that Zonfrillo isn’t from Australia originally is what helps him to tackle what is still a very sensitive issue across the country.

Original Article: Fine Dining Lovers